Search Engine Marketing

1. Report, Research & Competitor Analysis

This is the foundation of all Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign management. Vitalized Australia interrogate Search Engines to research the most popular keywords & key phrases to determine what people are really searching for in your market.

Using the research, we report and evaluate the current Search Engine position (rank) of your and your competitors web sites for the keywords we know will bring quality traffic (sales). If your competitors web site is consistently out-performing your web site, we will analyse it and let you know how they’re doing it and how you turn the table and start reaching the number one spot on all the major Search Engines.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to achieving top Search Engine positions (rank). Search Engine Optimisation involves optimising your web site with the researched keywords. This often involves restructuring the web site and optimising the HTML code. If you currently own a web site that uses a Content Management System (CMS) then we can work with your CMS and update your web site templates.

Content is key to Search Engine Marketing

Writing or rewriting content is a very important part of Search Engine Optimisation. A well written web site will attract other web sites to link to you. Search Engines use this linking information like a voting system, you can consider every link to your web site as a vote, the more votes you have the more Search Engines will respect & promote your web site. This method of Search Engine Marketing is called link baiting and is recognised by Google as an ethical form of Search Engine Marketing.

3. Web Site Submission

Vitalized Australia submit your web site to 1000+ Search Engines. We create optimised site maps to help Search Engines index your web site’s new & updated content quickly and efficiently.

4. Ethical Link Building

A good ethical link building campaign takes time. Vitalized Australia uses techniques that won’t get you black listed by Search Engines! We like to focus on content that web sites want to link to, submit your site to relevant and high traffic web directories & creating press releases or articles. These are just a few of the effective techniques we employ to ensure your web site reaps the benefits of higher Search Engine positions, more traffic and increased sales

5. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is often where much of the Search Engine Marketing campaign budget goes. An effective Pay Per Click advertising campaign will often have a high monthly spend but the return on investment (ROI) is proven to far outweigh the initial investment, time and time again.

Vitalized Australia has been accredited by Google and Yahoo. We’ve been recognised for showing expert understanding of Pay Per Click advertising.

And then back round again…
Because Search Engines are constantly evolving and changing the way they position web sites, it’s important to report, review & implement changes to the Search Engine Marketing campaign on a regular basis.
Vitalized Australia will always deliver on our promise and, to ensure the Search Engine Marketing campaign is performing to it’s full potential, we send our clients monthly reports with recommendations and current Search Engine positions.

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